Thousand Oaks Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons in Thousand Oaks.

Learn to play music from an experienced and patient teacher.

All ages. Beginners welcome.

Studio. Drum Lessons in Thousand Oaks, Austin Wrinkle, instructor. I am currently accepting private students of all ages and all levels of ability. I teach drum set and a number of worldly hand drums including: tabla, kanjira, doumbek, and a variety of frame drums. I also teach universal hand drumming techniques that can be applied to any drum, as well as rhythmic concepts and exercises that will benefit any musician seeking to expand their rhythmic horizons.

I maintain a flexible approach to teaching while striving to make the learning process relaxed, fun, and engaging. My goal is to inspire my students to find their own voice on their instrument.

I am a well traveled working musician with a Masters degree in music from California Institute of the Arts. I have many years of teaching experience and work well with people of all ages.

drum set. Drum Lessons in Thousand Oaks, Ventura. Austin Wrinkle, instructor.

Drum Set Lessons –
Lessons are custom built to suit your needs. Learn the fundamentals of rhythm, reading, hand/foot coordination, rudiments, technique and more… More than drumming, you will learn to learn to play Music. The studio is set up for listening and playing along with music, which is crucial to understanding the role of the drum set in various styles of music. More advanced concepts include: Creative phrasing, odd time playing, and style-specific studies in rock, jazz, and world music.

Tabla. Drum Lessons in Thousand Oaks, Ventura. Austin Wrinkle, instructor.Tabla Lessons –
Learn to recite and play classical repertoire of North India as taught to me by my tabla guru Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri. Also learn Indian musical concepts, the role of the tabla player in North Indian classical music, tuning, maintenance, and more…


Frame drum. Drum Lessons in Thousand Oaks, Ventura. Austin Wrinkle, instructor.Hand Drum Lessons –
Learn universal hand techniques that can be played on any drum as well as specific techniques for kanjira, doumbek, riqq, djembe, congas and variety of frame drums.
Explore various rhythmic concepts, structures, and compositions. Learn exercises to develop a strong sense of time.


Thousand Oaks Drum Lessons are held Monday and Tuesday in a fully equipped comfortable home studio.
$30 per half hour.

For more information or to schedule a lesson,
kindly email or telephone (805) 253-DRUM (3786)